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The Preparatory School (Studienkolleg) website cannot be updated at the moment. Please contact us by email to inquire about upcoming courses. .

Exams at the TU Berlin Preparatory School

Here is a list of all the exams that are administered at our Preparatory School (Studienkolleg).

Internal Assessment Test


After two semesters of classes in the Focus course or one semester of the Precourse, the Preparatory School concludes with the assessment test. Information regarding the transfer test and the module exam. more to: Internal Assessment Test

External Assessment Test


It is possible to complete the assessment test externally without having taken classes at the Preparatory School. more to: External Assessment Test

Supplementary Test


After having passed passing an assessment test, it is possible for you to add to the associated disciplines by taking a supplementary test. more to: Supplementary Test

Admissions Test for Students with professional Qualifications


Would you like to apply for a program in a subject that is not related to the discipline of your previously learned and practiced profession? If so, you need to take an admission test. more to: Admissions Test for Students with professional Qualifications

Admissions Test


All applicants to Focus courses (T, W, and M) or the Precourse must take an admissions test. more to: Admissions Test

Placement Test for Refugees


All applicants to the German language course for refugees must take a placement test in German (OnDaF). more to: Placement Test for Refugees


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