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Internal Assessment Test


Classes at the Preparatory School usually conclude with the “assessment test” (written and oral sections) after the second semester (upper-level course). However, it is also possible to take the test externally, in other words without having attended the class.

Feststellungsprüfung, or assessment test, is short for Prüfung zur Feststellung der Eignung ausländischer Studienbewerber für die Aufnahme eines Studiums an Hochschulen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, which means “Test to assess the suitability of foreign university applicants for studying at an institution of higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany.”

The assessment test for Focus courses covers up to six class subjects, three of them tested in the written section.

The Precourse concludes after one semester with the assessment test in the subject of German.

After having failed a test, a student may re-take it once and only at the same Preparatory School.

When a student passes the assessment test, a certificate is issued that certifies, in conjunction with proof of prior education, the bearer’s authorization to study at all higher academic institutions in Berlin and all other states of the Federal Republic of Germany within one area of study (T, W, or M).

Applying for the external Assessment Test


To participate in the assessment test externally (without taking the classes), you must submit a complete application through Uni-Assist by the given deadline.

The TU Berlin Preparatory School administers this exam for the T and W focus areas.

The application must be submitted for the current semester.

In this case, you must prepare for the test and learn the relevant content independently.

Application Periods


To take the test in the summer semester (June/July), your application may be submitted from September 1 to Febuary 28/29.

To take the test in the winter semester (December/January), your application may be submitted from March 1 to August 31.

Required Language Skills


All applications require proof of C1-level language skills.

To apply for the W focus area (business and economics), you must also submit proof of at least B1-level English skills.

After Your Application

Once you have submitted all documents on time to Uni-Assist and they have been fully processed, the Preparatory School will invite you to a counselling interview, which is determine whether you have sufficient specialized language skills and expertise to take the external assessment test. The counselling interview is an obligation. Whitout this consultation you will be denied to take the external assessment test.

Until further notice the language test is cancelled.

Testing Dates


All testing dates at the Preparatory School. more to: Testing Dates

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