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The Preparatory School (Studienkolleg) website cannot be updated at the moment. Please contact us by email to inquire about upcoming courses. .

...for applicants

If you have obtained a higher education entrance qualification abroad and would like to begin a degree program in Germany, you can find an overview of important information for applicants like you on this page.

Is Preparatory School (Studienkolleg) for Me?

First, you should find out about Germany’s recognition of your diploma/qualification. Uni-Assist (the University Application Service for International Students) uses the guidelines listed in ANABIN, the diploma/qualification database, for final processing.

If you apply for a degree program directly, it may take as much as a semester longer to process your application than it would if you apply directly to a Preparatory School (Studienkolleg).

The Preparatory School is not open for just anyone to attend at will. The openings are reserved for applicants who are required to take the assessment test ("Feststellungsprüfung") in order to begin their degree programs.

Here is how to find your diploma/qualification in the database:

Selecting a Course

Depending on your language skills and Germany’s recognition of your higher education entrance qualification, you may participate in either a focus course or a precourse at our Preparatory School:

Focus Courses


If your international university entrance qualification is not recognized in Germany, you will need to take a specific course depending on your desired field of study. We offer three options: T, W, and M. more to: Focus Courses

Precourse (Propädeutikum)


Applicants whose university entrance qualifications are recognized for immediate entry into university studies may attend the PreCourse to improve their German skills. more to: Precourse (Propädeutikum)


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