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The course in the media of TU Berlin

Voices from the German Language course for refugees


Language is the key to understand and be understood.

In this audio podcast we try to capture the voices and experiences of the refugees visiting our language course at the technical university Berlin.



Podcast "In(2)TU - Language course"

epsiode 1 - "I come from syria"


On November 18, 2015 the first German Language course for refugees at TU Berlin began.

On their "first day of school", right before the official welcoming, we spoke with some of the students and had the audiorecorder running.

This short conversations are aiming to document the students way into their professional studies at our univeristy.

This episode is in German and English.

©TU Berlin/Studienkolleg/Kretzmer

episode 2 - "I want to study"


On April 6, 2016 the assessment test for the applicants of the third German language course for refugees took place.

We thought it would be a good day to catch up with the first course, who has had German lessons since five month at this point.

We wanted to know how they experienced the beginning of the course and if they had some advice for the soon starting third course.

This episode is in German.

©TU Berlin/Studienkolleg/Kretzmer



Podcast "MINTgrün hinter den Ohren" - episode 1.5 "outside the box"


During the "Day of Human Rights", December 10, 2015, at TU Berlin, Lea and Tankred took the chance and interviewed refugees, who are takting part in the In(2)TU Berlin programme, about how they decided what to study.

The Interviewers are students in the MINTgrün orientation programme at TU Berlin and podcasting about their way to their personal career decision in the podcast "MINTgrün hinter den Ohren".

©TU Berlin/Schulbüro/Kretzmer

German Language Course for refugees at TU Berlin in the media


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